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    As your son or daughter begins their journey into their adult lives they will become active academic learners who will navigate their own scholastic careers.  With each class they enter they will learn not only facts and figures but also how to deal with their peers and adults on many different levels. The journey through academic requirements and career and college planning begins now.

     Each student will meet with their counselor every spring to select their courses for the following academic year.  During this meeting they will also talk about how their current academic schedule impacts on their future plans of college and career.  Exploration of future options is always a top priority in individual and group guidance sessions.

    Counselors are available for individual meetings with students on an as needed basis.  Some students enjoy speaking with their counselor frequently while others are content to meet only for scheduling purposes.   Get to know your counselor early in high school so you have someone to talk to if anything does come up.     

    Sometimes it can be a relief just to have someone who will listen to you. 

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