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  • Art Elective and Advanced Studio Art signups are underway for the Spring Semester of the 2021-2022 school year!

  • Art Electives

    We are excited to let you know that we will be continuing to offer art electives during the fall semester of the 2021-2022 school year. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to take their art skills to the next level, or to learn more about a specific genre of art and design!

    For the fall semester, students who elect to participate in the program will be able to choose between two courses: Digital Photography and Game Design. Each art elective course will meet every other day in lieu of a supplement module, and will last for a full 20-week semester. These classes are considered academic courses, and those students who participate will receive a numeric grade at the end of the semester.

    Please keep in mind that if your child participates in another class that meets during the supplement module (AIS, Band, Orchestra, and Chorus), he/she may be precluded from being able to take an art elective class at this time. If your child’s schedule does not allow for an art elective class at this time, he/she will not be registered for it. Courses are open to both new students and students who took the course in previous years.

    Digital Photography is intended to introduce students to the fine art of photography. Students will learn their way around a camera and become familiar with the effects of shutter speed and aperture on image composition. They will create both fixed and digital photographic images focusing on composition and light and shadow. Students will learn to upload their digital images onto the computer, make basic corrections (regarding color, cropping, and focus), create physical prints, and upload images into a digital photo album. This course is designed for the student who has an interest in learning the basics of photography as an art form.

    Students who choose to take Game Design will have the opportunity to design, program, and create fully functional video games. The course will introduce basic programming and design skills that are essential to developing successful interactive digital games. Students will game an understanding of basic logic and programming through problem solving in real world situations. Finally, students will engineer a physical user interface for their game using Makey Makey circuit boards, such as a game controller or arcade kiosk.

    * Students who enroll in an art elective course have a two-week drop period at the beginning of the course. After two weeks, the students must remain in the course until the end of the semester.

    Thank you for your time and your cooperation.

    If you are interested in participating in one of these Art Electives, please submit this form by FRIDAY, MAY 28th.

    Please contact us with any questions.


    Mrs. Krause & Mr. Gioacchini


    Visual Art Educators
    Blue Mountain Middle School
    Hendrick Hudson School District 

    CLICK HERE for more information regarding Art Electives to access the Sign Up Form



    Sign-ups for the 8th Grade Advanced Studio Art course are currently underway!

    8th Grade Advanced Studio Art is an accelerated class where students can develop their design skills by exploring different art mediums at a high-school level.  We will study various artists throughout history, learn to interpret and critique works of art, and work with many different types of art media.  Students who participate in the course will learn more advanced art techniques, and will begin to develop their high school art portfolio.   Advanced Art Studio students will also have the opportunity to share their work with the community at the annual exhibition, and earn ½ high school art credit upon successful completion of the class!

    In order to be considered to participate in this course, you need to submit:

    1. A well-written typed paragraph explaining why you would be a good candidate for the 8th grade accelerated art program.
    2. A sample of your artwork that you feel represents your artistic ability.  Please note that the artwork will be returned to you after being reviewed.


    If you are interested in participating in the advanced art studio course next year, please review this information with your parent or guardian.  Then complete the form at the end of the Google Slide show below.

    This application must be completed ON OR BEFORE THE DEADLINE OF FRIDAY, MAY 28th, 2021!


  • The goal of the K-12 art staff is to provide all students with the opportunities for sequential experiences, which will advance their perceptions, responses, understanding, creativity, evaluative abilities and skills under the guidance of certified art teachers.