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Ms. Mazza

Welcome to English 9/10!

A little about Ms. Mazza: Ms. Mazza decided to become an educator because she believes that effective teachers do more than teach; they help young people shape their outlook of the world.  Ms. Mazza seeks to deepen her students’ understandings of the material by connecting the topic of study to their own lives, as well as by establishing a direct and individualized channel of communication with each student.  Ms. Mazza's goal as an English teacher is to bridge students’ life experiences with those of the characters in the literature she teaches in order to create empathy and enhance understanding. Ms. Mazza stands behind a student-centered philosophical perspective and strives to make her classroom a safe, comfortable, and inclusive environment.  Ms. Mazza is up-to-date on educational technology, is a Google Level One Certified Educator, and is committed to adapting her teaching style to accommodate for all students.