• Good afternoon everyone! 

            I hope you are all well.   In anticipation of the possibility of schools closing, I sent home packets with each student based on some of the skills we work on in Resource Room and when I push into the classroom.  I have also been added as a co-teacher on google classroom so I can see what they are working on and make modifications as needed.  If you have any questions or concerns at ANY TIME, please email me.  I will be checking my email periodically.   I will be here for you and your children throughout this whole process. 






    The resource room is a place where students get extra support in all academic areas.  I work very closely with the classroom teachers to support each grade's curriculum. I provide a small group setting where I am able to pre-teach, re-teach and provide the necessary accommodations that students require to be successful.  We study for upcoming tests and work on assignment where students need extra support. The programs are skill based, using a multi-sensory learning approach.  The program is based heavily on all aspects of reading, which is necessary for success in all subjects.