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    "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."Albert Einstein

    To my students:

    My role as a teacher is to  assist students to reach their maximum potential.  This involves students' learning and development on many levels including academic course requirements, social interactive skills and personal self confidence. I am available at all times to assist my students to reach their educational goals.

    One of my primary objectives  is to create a welcoming, safe, and all-inclusive environment for all students of whom I have the highest expectations.  Through educational activities, classroom focus and academic discipline, students are motivated to achieve their maximum potential.  Students are encouraged to see the benefits of learning and how they contribute to their success.

    Parent involvement with their children's education is essential. We need the support and input of parents, school and teacher.  I encourage and welcome parent communication.  It's my observation as an ESL Teacher that students learn more by example. Many of my students have parents enrolled in my  ESL Adult Education Classes at the Montrose Library. These parents have been a role model  for learning language skills and a desire to succeed.

    Personally, I am a life-long learner with a passion for teaching students from around the world.  I love language, culture and literature and I hope to infuse my students with great enthusiasm for these studies.

    Please enjoy my website, dedicated to you.       


    Ms. Zenon


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