• The Hendrick Hudson School District Board of Education

    Responsibilities of the Board of Education

    The Board of Education is responsible for the quality of education in the district. It is the policy making body for the school district. As elected officials they:

    • Select the Superintendent of Schools as Chief Executive Officer of the District.
    • Set goals to achieve the desired educational outcomes.
    • Appoint professional and non-certificated personnel and set salaries.
    • Establish policies for the operation of the school district.
    • Develop a budget consistent with educational needs and community resources.
    • Communicate the progress and needs of the district to the community, educational governing boards, and legislators.

    What Does a School Board Member Do? (ref. NYSSBA)

    A strong and active partnership between the school district and the community is essential to insuring a high quality education for our children. By attending meetings of the Hendrick Hudson Board of Education, you help to strengthen that partnership.

    One of the primary goals of the Board is to conduct its business openly and to inform the community, staff and students of the District’s business.

    This section is designed to help you follow the agenda of the meeting and to clarify the procedures so the Board can proceed as efficiently as possible with its business, promote understanding, and create a partnership among the schools and the community.

    Board of Education Meeting Schedule

    Meetings of the Board of Education for the school year are established by the Board of Education annually and posted on the school calendar on the district website, and in the local media. Meetings are typically scheduled on Wednesday evenings, two times per month.

    Regular Meetings

    Regular meetings are often scheduled twice a month on Wednesdays. All meetings are listed on the website, posted on the school webpage calendar and publicized throughout the year in the local media. There are audience comment opportunities at each meeting.

    Meeting Agenda

    The usual order of business at the regular meetings of the Board of Education is as follows: Call to Order, Executive Session (if needed; closed to public), Meeting Reconvened, Approval of Agenda and Consent Agenda, Items Removed from Consent Agenda, Audience Comments (on Non-Agenda items), Report of the Superintendent, Board Committee Reports, Presentation and Discussion, Audience Comments (on Agenda items), Board Comments / New Business, Information, Executive Session (if needed; closed to public) and Adjournment.

    The agenda is posted on our District Website (www.henhudschools.org) under the Board / BoardDocs tab. The Agenda and supporting documents are available electronically to the Board in advance of the meeting to allow the Board members time to review and study information. Check the agenda regularly for any changes.

    Participation at Board Meetings

    The Board appreciates and values the input of community members. Therefore the Board extends the courtesy of including time during most regular board meetings to respectfully listen to public comments on both agenda and non-agenda items. There will be a sign-in sheet if you wish to address the Board. You will be called in the order of the sign-in sheet. When addressing the Board, please step up to the microphone, state your name, and identify the organization, if any, that you are representing. Comments should be addressed directly to the Board as a whole and not to members of the audience. Although the Board will listen and carefully take into consideration your comments, in most cases there will be no response to your comment from the Board during the meeting. Letters, petitions, or other written material should be handed to the District Clerk. The Board President or the Superintendent may follow up with you at a later time. We ask that each comment be limited to 3 minutes with a total of 15 minutes per audience comments section. To abide by laws of confidentiality, comments regarding students, personnel, or legal issues are not permitted.

    Consent Agenda

    The Board places a number of routine items under the title Consent Agenda in order to economize time. These items can be acted on by a single vote of the Board. However, at the request of a Board member, individual items may be removed from the Consent Agenda for a separate vote.

    Budget Meetings

    The budget is the financial operating plan for running the school system and the legal basis for establishing the school tax rate. The Board of Education recognizes the importance of having members of the community take an active role in developing the budget and has established a process designed to allow for meaningful community input. Budget meetings begin in January and continue through April.

    Executive Session

    While the Board welcomes and encourages citizen’s input and suggestions at its meetings, the public is reminded that the Board has expressly limited certain designated matters to Executive Session Meetings defined as confidential by the Open Meeting Laws of the State of New York. Some examples include:

    • Matters which will imperil the public safety if disclosed, which includes building level safety plans,
    • Discussion of proposed, pending or current litigation,
    • Collective negotiations under the Taylor Law,
    • Medical, financial, credit or employment history of a particular person or corporation, or matters leading to the appointment or employment or promotion or demotion or discipline or suspension or removal of a particular person or corporation,
    • Proposed acquisition, sale, or lease or real property, securities, only when publicity woul substantially affect the value thereof.


    Correspondence to the Board of Education should be addressed to the Board, c/o Hendrick Hudson School District, 61 Trolley Road, Montrose, New York, 10548. Written correspondence is encouraged by the Board. Letters will be distributed to each Board member and referred to a member of the administration for additional response, as appropriate. For those who prefer email, messages addressed to BOE@henhudschools.org or to the Board President and will be forwarded to each board member and the Superintendent.


    The Board of Education

    The Board is composed of seven members, elected by residents of the district. Members serve three-year terms of office without compensation. Board members are your elected representatives; they invite you to make your concerns known to them. The current members of the Board of Education are as follows:

    • Carol P. Abraham, President
    • Lisa Anderson, Vice President
    • Mary-Pat Briggi
    • Cory Notrica
    • William Oricchio
    • Alixandra Philbin
    • Laurie Ryan

    District Administration

    The Superintendent of Schools, the Assistant Superintendent for Business and the Executive Directors are present at Board Meetings. The Superintendent is the District’s Chief Executive Officer. The Superintendent is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school district, implementation of the educational programs and policies adopted by the Board and the execution of all decisions made by the Board concerning the internal operations of the school system.

    • Joseph E. Hochreiter, Superintendent of Schools
    • Enrique Catalan, Assistant Superintendent for Business
    • Laura Neier, Executive Director of Educational Support Services
    • Dr. Margaret Ruller, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction
    • Lisa Schuchman, Executive Director of Pupil Personnel Services