• The Hendrick Hudson School District Board of Education

    Responsibilities of the Board of Education

    The Board of Education is responsible for the quality of education in the district. It is the policy making body for the school district. As elected officials they:

    • Select the Superintendent of Schools as Chief Executive Officer of the District.
    • Set goals to achieve the desired educational outcomes.
    • Appoint professional and non-certificated personnel and set salaries.
    • Establish policies for the operation of the school district.
    • Develop a budget consistent with educational needs and community resources.
    • Communicate the progress and needs of the district to the community, educational governing boards, and legislators.

    To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of school board members, click on the following link from the NYS School Boards Association: 


    The Board of Education

    The Board is composed of seven members, elected by residents of the district. Members serve three-year terms of office without compensation. Board members are your elected representatives; they invite you to make your concerns known to them. The current members of the Board of Education are as follows:

    • Alexis Bernard, President
    • Erica Mills, Vice President
    • Jennifer Bakker
    • Jeremy Basso
    • Tomica Dietrich
    • Stephanie Hickey
    • Amelia Silverman

    District Administration

    The Superintendent of Schools, the Assistant Superintendent for Business and the Executive Directors are present at Board Meetings. The Superintendent is the District’s Chief Executive Officer. The Superintendent is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school district, implementation of the educational programs and policies adopted by the Board and the execution of all decisions made by the Board concerning the internal operations of the school system.

    • Michael Tromblee, Superintendent of Schools
    • Enrique Catalan, Assistant Superintendent for Business
    • Dr. Margaret Ruller, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction
    • Lisa Schuchman, Executive Director of Pupil Personnel Services