The health curriculum at BMMS is designed to guide students through a progressive, three-course sequence in health education that focuses on six content areas.  The six content areas will be discussed in each grade, revisiting key topics before expanding into different aspects of the six learning units.  For more information please use one of the links below:


    6 CONTENT AREAS                            COURSE CURRICULUM


    GRADE 6:

    The learning process begins in grade 6, with an introduction to health education.  Students in grade 6 will receive a foundation of basic health information and relevant skills for the six content areas.  Students will expand their knowledge and reinforce their skills in these content areas during the second segment of the curriculum. 


    GRADE 7:

    In grade 7, the students will review key information from the 6th grade course to launch into new facets of each topic. The 7th grade content serves as a bridge from the basic health information learned in grade 6 to the specific areas of health education presented in grade 8.


    GRADE 8:

    The curriculum continues into grade 8, where students will embark into the third cluster of topics related to each of the six content areas.  The grade 8 health education course will reinforce previous information learned while exploring more specific aspects of each content area.