Ms. Duffy ~ Frank G. Lindsey Elementary School ~ Fourth Grade


    Welcome to  Ms. Duffy's Fourth Grade!

     Hi Boys & Girls, 


    I will be posting daily/weekly on our Google Classroom. Please check every day to make sure you keep up with the work.  I know this doesn't make up for seeing my beautiful face and me seeing yours, but we will be together again soon xoxo


    Happy April Birthday to Lucas on the 25th!






    Ms. Duffy



    Boys and Girls,

    When you are doing the math, please show all the work, just as you do in class. Some problems may be challenging, but we have discussed briefly some of the concepts on those pages (rotation of full circle, etc). Most are practice questions of things we have already done. New concepts will be taught next week. Again, please show me how you got your answers.

    When answering any questions from ELA, Science, SS, etc, please make sure to restate the question and answer in complete sentences. You may need to add necessary details and give examples from the text if required.

    Lastly, when submitting anything via email , make sure your name is on the paper and if possible send from your email, so that you can check daily if you need to revise or review something.

    I will put my email here as well.

    Thank you 😊  Ms. Duffy xoxo