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  • As many of you all know the HH Visual Art teachers put on an annual k-12 visual art show as the Hen Hen Free Library.  During the time the art show is on exhibit we hold an artists' reception followed by the Board of Education has a meeting at the library to celebrate our student artists.  Since we could not have a physical art show this year, the art teachers put together a visual art show to celebrate our student artists.  The name of this year's show is, Bridge to the Future.  We added a sound bite from all of the art teachers as a youtube video linked on the home page.  Some of the artwork also has sounds that accompany it.  VISIT THE ART SHOW BY CLICKING HERE!

    The art teachers have also joined Instagram (thanks to Krinten Dini, HHHS)  We have created an Instagram account @Henhedartk12.  The instagram account is for parents, students, teachers, administrators.  It will contain both student artwork and inspirational messages.  We hope it is a way for us to stay connected with families both during virtual learning and after.  The HHHS art teachers  have had an Instagram account geared toward HS students for a while @Henhudhsart.
    We hope that you will take a few minutes to enjoy all of our student artwork and would love help promoting both the artshow and Instagram. Any website, FB, tweeting, emails promotion would be amazing! 
    Below you will find links to everything mentioned above. 
    Thank you all for your continued support and please let me know if you need more info, images, or if you have other suggestions on what I can do to promote things.
    We hope you are all well and surviving this craziness!
    The HH Visual Art Teachers 
    Art Show Website - CHECK out all the great student work!
    Promotional Image for Instagram  - artwork by Simrah Hassan grade 9

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