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BOE Passes Resolution Condemning Racism, Affirming Inclusion

At its June 24, 2020 meeting, the Hendrick Hudson School District Board of Education passed the following resolution condemning racism and affirming a commitment to an inclusive school environment.

“The Hendrick Hudson School District has strived to be an inclusive learning environment for all students. It is in our mission statement that we have ‘An educational environment that is challenging, creative, exploratory, accessible, and nurturing; and A fully engaged, supportive community,’” said Board President Carol Abraham. “At this time, the Hendrick Hudson School board felt it was important to reaffirm our stance against racism in order to nurture and support our students and families of color. Only by working together can we improve our actions. We are proud to put forward this resolution.”

Below is the recently passed resolution:

Hendrick Hudson School District

Resolution condemning racism and affirming a commitment to an inclusive school environment for all

Whereas, members of the Hendrick Hudson School Board are aware of racial injustices that still persist in our country.

Whereas, racism and hate have no place in our schools or our society, and we must protect the constitutional rights of every person who learns, works, and lives in our community.

Whereas, we must listen. Those who have endured discrimination and intolerance deserve to be heard as they share the stories and truth about their experiences and feelings, and we must seek with great empathy to understand their challenges.

Whereas, we must learn. A school is in a unique position to facilitate meaningful and honest conversations about racial inequality and to work towards our shared conviction that racism must end;

Whereas, we must lead. We must actively acknowledge, address and prevent racial bias that occurs as a result of policies, practices and actions so that we can create a learning environment where every child is respected and valued for who they are, regardless of skin color.

Therefore, be it resolved that we, trustees of the Hendrick Hudson School Board stand fast in our commitment to foster an inclusive educational environment where every student, teacher, support professional, parent, and community member is treated with dignity and respect regardless of skin color.

To that end we encourage and support our district’s participation in the Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES’ newly formed Regional Equity & Diversity Steering Committee.

Furthermore, we encourage the State Education Department to re-examine the state’s learning standards with an eye towards inclusion.