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Kinder Camp Sets Youngest Students Up for Success

It may look like fun and games, but the district’s three-week Kinder Camp, held over the summer, plays an important role in preparing Hen Hud’s youngest students for the start of their school careers.

The main focus is on developing fine motor skills, following directions, and transitioning from one activity to another.

“Fun and playful activities are what the children were engaged in each day, but they were also building many academic skills that will help them this year as kindergartners,” said Dr. Jennifer LeFevre, Buchanan-Verplanck kindergarten teacher and Kinder Camp director.

“Some of the skills we targeted were tool use (scissors, glue, crayons, markers and paint); transitions; following multi-step directions; following rules and routines; listening; cooperating with adults and peers; oral comprehension; concepts of print, sorting and graphing; counting; and phonemic awareness (rhyming, letter sounds, etc).”

Through it all, the camp keeps the accent on fun. Dr. LeFevre noted that silly songs are often used to introduce and practice concepts such as patterns, rhyming, positional words, directionality, and counting/number order. Special theme weeks, such as Pirate Week and Super Hero Week, add to the fun and excitement.

Kinder Camp has been a district program for 15 years (with the exception of last year, due to COVID-19).

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