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Learning to Care for the Environment at Camp Run by HHHS Student

Each year, students in Hendrick Hudson High School’s Environmental Solutions class are tasked with completing a project that educates the community about an environmental issue. While litter clean ups and informational posters and websites are popular projects, senior Katelyn Keefe (then a junior) came up with the idea of an environmental summer camp for kids.

“I was inspired by volunteering at Camp Invention, the district’s science camp,” said Katelyn. “When Camp Invention was canceled this past summer due to COVID, I decided to create my own science camp in its place.” Her idea was to offer a free camp for students in grades 3-6.

Needing a location, Katelyn sent a proposal to the Hendrick Hudson Free Library. Once the library agreed to host the three-day camp, Katelyn set about planning all of the activities, which included learning about recycling, going on a nature hunt, making bracelets, planting flowers, and creating paper plate animal masks.

The camp was held August 10-12, with about a dozen children participating. “Each day featured various craft activities to reinforce lessons about the environment in a fun way,” said Katelyn. “I think the kids had a great time, and I hope they learned something in the process.”

Katelyn noted that Environmental Solutions teacher Stephanie Geiger helped her run the camp, and that she found the entire experience gratifying. “These kids are the next generation, so I hope I inspired them to care about the environment and be conscientious of how their actions may affect it.”

Making masks at environmental summer camp