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Call to Action: Advocate for the Repeal of the SALT Deduction Cap

Under the 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, taxpayers were no longer able to reduce their federal taxes by deducting all state and local taxes paid (including property taxes). The district is advocating for the repeal of the $10,000 cap on the SALT deduction, by contacting our local legislators and asking for the community’s help.

The Westchester Putnam School Boards Association has put together a ready-to-go advocacy letter that will go directly to our federal legislators, asking them to vote to restore the full SALT deduction.

To send an advocacy letter, click here, then click on the box that reads “Restore the SALT Deduction,” enter your information under “Compose Your Message,” and hit the “Send” button. It should only take a few minutes and will automatically send this important message to our representatives.