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New Superintendent Podcast: "United Sound" Inclusive Orchestra Program at HHHS

United Sound is a national music program that brings performance experiences to students with special needs through peer mentorship. Hendrick Hudson High School has become the first school in New York State to bring this inclusive music program to its students. Superintendent Joseph Hochreiter recently chatted with high school Orchestra Director Lauren Morabito to discuss the new program and the impact it has been having on students.

Through United Sound, students in the high school’s SAILOR program can join the high school orchestra, learning to play an instrument through modified instruction and performing a piece on stage during the orchestra’s winter and spring concerts.

Each SAILOR student works with two mentors, who provide hands-on musical instruction every other day. The mentors underwent training in the fall to learn how to teach, using United Sound’s techniques.

The students performed in this year’s winter orchestra concert, and will be on stage in April, for the spring concert.

“The students who are participating look forward to it all day,” said Morabito. “The best part of the program is the new friendships that are being made among all the participants.”

Click here to listen to the interview.

United Sound program at HHHS Practice - United Sound

United Sound