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Coding their own Creations at Frank G. Lindsey

Students in every grade at Frank G. Lindsey are busy learning how to code during their library time, and even the youngest students have discovered how exciting it is to program a graphic or robot so that it moves, right before their eyes.

Third, fourth and fifth graders are using Scratch coding, a block-based coding platform that allows students to create their own programs. Students can animate their names by creating codes that make the letters shrink, grow, change colors and more.

Students in grades K-2 are using Scratch Jr., the beginner version of Scratch coding. This platform also uses block coding to create codes, but is designed for emergent readers, using pictures instead of words. These younger students have been excited to create a program that “drives” a car across their computer screens.

Students at all grade levels are exploring “offline coding” using Ozobots, pocket-sized coding robots. Ozobots can be programmed by drawing lines with markers, using specific patterns to get the mini robots to perform certain tasks, such as spinning and performing back walks, tornados and more.

“The kids love being able to create using these platforms and are learning the basics of coding,” said Library Media Specialist Megan Boyle. “They love working together and seeing what their classmates have come up with. It's a fun unit for them and an important one for 21st century learners.”

FGL Students and ozobots

 Coding at FGL